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We can help you create a plan for smoother transitions.

Anyone can find it hard to move from one stage of life to the next, but people with disabilities often face unique and more complex challenges. Ensuring success for those with disabilities requires careful planning, cooperation, and resources. At Disability Advocacy Center, we offer institutional and youth transitions support to provide a roadmap that helps families and individuals understand their rights, explore their needs, and cultivate a plan that provides them the best chance to succeed. Continue reading to learn more, and then contact our team.

Institutional and Youth Transitions Support

Institutional transitions are when people with disabilities move from a structured setting, like a hospital or residential care center, to a less structured one, like a community home. This change can be especially hard because it can throw off routines, cause changes in caregiving, and require getting used to a new setting. A person-centered plan that includes preferences, strengths, and wants is vital to ensure success.

This plan should include a strong support team that understands the goal of institutional and youth transitions support and is focused on a smooth transition and continuity of care when available. In addition, family and caretaker support can fill in any missing pieces needed to craft a successful plan.

Also included in institutional and youth transitions support is transitioning from a teenager to an adult. For people with disabilities, this time can be challenging since they often leave the structured school setting and need to navigate the often confusing world of adulthood. Learning the skills required to get a job, determining their college eligibility, and even understanding their options for independent living are all involved in a proper transitional plan.

Like an institutional transition, the youth transition requires a skilled team to address the areas of concern and create a plan that covers all the bases. Our team can assist with institutional and youth transitions support by offering our years of experience in the field and access to much-needed training and resources. Contact our team today to learn more.