Disability Advocacy Center

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Sensitivity Training

Training is provided to service providers on how to properly interact and serve people with disabilities. There is a fee for service but non profits can request a waiver.

Disabilities Act Training

ADA training is provided to service providers upon request. There is a fee for service but non-profits can request a waiver.

What is advocacy?

‘Your say’ advocacy is all about helping you to be heard and understood. If you are unable to speak for yourself, or find it difficult, an Advocate can help you. We can provide information about your rights and help you to deal with problems or complaints.

Why Us ?

The least little bit can do so much.

Our Mission is to assist persons with disabilities with accomplishing their independent living goals and objectives. We strive to ensure that the community in which they live is fully accessible, including equal access to programs and services.

Our Services

Nursing Home Transistions

Assistance is provided in transiting person with significant disabilities from an intuitional setting. This maximizes the consumers potential to function independently in their own homes.

Community Advocacy

The Center works diligently to remove barriers from the community as well we interact with policy makers to effect change.

Youth Transitions

Youth with disabilities who are eligible for individualized education programs and have completed secondary education are transitioned from a secondary setting to a post secondary educational program.


Peer Support

Consumer are provided with guidance through peer to peer counselors or mentors who have reached a certain level of independence or self-sufficiency.

Independent Living Skills Training

Training is provided to indiviuals according to their needs. It may entail transportation, budgeting, disability rights, cookings, etc.

Consumer Advocacy

Consumers are provided with nonlegal advocated who informed them of their rights and represent them to ensure they get equal access to programs and services.

Our Trainers

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Peer Support
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Skills Training Provided
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What our trainees say's

Information and Referrals

Information is provided about pertinent community and disability resources.

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