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Providing services that enable people with disabilities to thrive.

Our team at Disability Advocacy Center works hard to provide services that allow people with disabilities to live independently and follow their dreams. From learning independent living skills to gaining support for mental health, our services offer a caring and supportive touch.

About Disability Advocacy Center

Since we were established in the fall of October 2020, we’ve assisted with transportation, housing, financial needs, and services to promote equality and accessibility, regardless of disability. We are a 501c3 woman/minority-led agency.

Our five main service areas include:

These services are provided under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and offered to any individual with a disability to promote equal rights, access, and opportunity for all. In addition, our services are provided free of charge.

We believe in serving our clients in a way that empowers them and provides them with the skills needed to work through decision-making and create goals and plans that allow them to thrive. If you or someone you know could use our services, please reach out to a team member. Working together, we can ensure people with disabilities gain the voice and skills they need. Contact our team today to get started on the path to an inclusive tomorrow.