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As a nonprofit organization, we depend on continued support from the community.

Charitable donations play a crucial role in the operations of 501c3 organizations such as ours at Disability Advocacy Center. Our nonprofit group depends on these donations to carry out our mission of a more inclusive tomorrow and continue to provide dynamic services to community members.

Charitable Donations

Continue reading to learn how these charitable donations help our organization run.

    • Financial Sustainability. We depend on these donations to pay for our operating costs, from staff salaries to utilities and more. Without a steady flow of assistance, it would be impossible to offer the services we provide each day.
    • Program Development and Implementation. Charitable donations help us create and run programs and projects that align with our mission to provide crucial services to individuals with disabilities.
    • Outreach and Advocacy. With charitable donations, we can educate the community about our mission through advocacy, public awareness campaigns, and community outreach programs.
    • Long-Term Sustainability. Grants and government funds also help fund our mission, but charitable donations provide us with more flexibility and long-term support. We are thankful to have received support through corporate partnerships, memorial contributions, and more.

Our charitable donations allow us to offer services like independent living skills training, peer counseling, and advocacy. If you would like to know more about our 501c3 status or how you can assist us in working toward a more inclusive community for people with disabilities, reach out to a team member today. We appreciate each and every one of our donors and value their support every day.

At Disability Advocacy Center, we depend on charitable donations from sponsors in Alamance County, Caswell County, Randolph County, Rockingham County, and Guilford County, North Carolina.