Systems Advocacy

DAC works diligently to remove barriers from the community as well as interact with policymakers to effect change.

Systems advocacy seeks to engage local, state, and national leaders in an ongoing dialogue regarding public policy as it relates to citizens with disabilities. 

Issues such as accessibility, public accommodations, and transportation are significant in promoting full inclusion in every aspect of community life. 

Disability Advocacy Center promotes self-determination as a component of advocacy and supports employment and voting as important self-directed steps along a path to greater independence. 

DAC offers education to assist disabled individuals in understanding their rights and responsibilities as members of their communities.

Individual Advocacy

Consumers are provided with nonlegal advocates who inform them of their rights and represent them to ensure they get equal access to programs and services.

Individual advocacy skills allow people with disabilities to become proficient in their efforts to increase their access to the services and programs they desire in the community they choose. 

DAC helps each individual develop effective communication skills so they gain the necessary support services to accomplish their personal goals.

This is accomplished by a Community Inclusion Specialist working directly with a consumer.


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